One Inch Past Scary

Adversity coaching designed to educate and empower. Move past the static and comfortable. Venture just a little into the scary to unlock your powerful potential.

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One Inch Past Scary

Adversity coaching designed to educate and empower. Move past the static and comfortable. Venture just a little into the scary to unlock your powerful potential.

Work with Me

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What People Are Saying

“Kirsty is unconditional in her ability to empathize and encourage. She is capable of sitting with you in the hurt and knowing the necessary steps to effectively work through what feels impossible. It takes a person who has been there to truly reach those who are there and Kirsty had been that person for me.”


One of the first things Kirsty Sayer ever said to me was that she thought I was a woman who really wanted to work with other women, and knew how to do it. She said it at a moment when I was wavering in my confidence to lead anyone to do anything and every time I start to feel that way again — I remember her words, pull myself together, and try harder. I don’t know if she’ll ever truly understand what that meant to me, but that’s the kind of person she is. Instinctively, she sees you, as a human being, and is able to give you the words that you need in the moment you need them. She’s honest and kind at the same time. You don’t have to worry that something Kirsty tells you is flattery or fluff, she’s going to say what you need to hear in a way that makes you comfortable with hearing it. Kirsty is a friend, a colleague, a teacher, and an amazing person all-around. I learn so much from following along on her journeys; whether it be as a wife and mother, a writer, a runner, or a strong woman recovering from a painful past who isn’t afraid to let you see that strong can also be vulnerable. She’s a role model and an inspiration and she doesn’t have to try to be any of those things. She’s herself, living her life, and she just IS.


Founder/CEO: She The People, USA

“Kirsty is empathic, kind and focused on helping personalize her approach for each individual client. Her guidance has made all the difference in my life.”


Travel Agent

“Kirsty is empathetic, compassionate, sensitive and genuine. She has helped me not only survive the staggering anguish and grief of some highly complicated emotional issues, but through both her words and her personal example of strength, she has inspired and empowered me to move through my personal torment, find my own inner source of strength and self worth, emerge from the darkness and thrive. Kirsty has keen insight into a myriad of issues and offers thoughtful, effective and easy to implement solutions and strategies. She truly cares about the emotional, spiritual and physical well being of her clients, and she is truly a treasure. Thank you for everything Kirsty. I am very grateful.”



Kirsty is an incredibly kind and generous individual. She is one of the few people that can gracefully and aptly walk the fine line between challenging you and encouragement. She isn’t afraid to call you out when you need it, but is always does it with compassion and in a constructive manner. Every conversation with Kirsty leaves me inspired and motivated to do more and be more. She has helped me identify short comings and pitfalls without ever making me feel guilty or less than, and she has my back in every situation every single time. She is always willing to mix up methods and try new things until you find what works. I highly recommend her as both a person that you should know but also someone who can help you figure out your shit.


Medical Student

In sharing her stories and healing process,Kirsty has helped me identify thought patterns and coping strategies in my own life that I never recognized or knew how to address. There is so much power in hearing someone name and bring to light those thoughts that seem so intimidating and impossible to untangle from my own stream of consciousness. Relating her own struggles and growth shines a beacon to others that are similarly struggling.




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