So I promised a giveaway to kick off a new blogging year and this is a good one!

Just before Christmas I received this sleek and chic package from SkinPro. I was so excited, it was such fortuitous timing. A couple of weeks before it was sent, I had been suddenly noticing with considerable dismay some unmistakable signs of…AGING around the eyes (nooo, say it isn’t so) and realized that my lack of careful skin care and hit and miss sun exposure was catching up with me. (Because I’m still in my early 20’s so it’s not that it’s actual age ;) I immediately made vague and panicky plans to DO SOMETHING and resolved to start taking care of my skin better, but I was discouraged because I didn’t know where to start.

I’m acne prone and I have always been so preoccupied with keeping zits at bay. In contrast, aging always seemed…well for old people..miles away .  So despite the fact that I have a mom who is incredibly fastidious about skincare (and it is paying off for her), I am lazy and easily bored with extras in the grooming department. I had no time for things like eye-creams and all those anti aging lotions and potions. Look, let’s be real.  At the end of the day it is all I can do to wash my face, brush and floss before collapsing, and being consistent with any extras seemed highly unlikely.  But suddenly I realized with regret, the folly of my ways . It was happening! O em gee! I was starting to see those little lines, the ones they show in the eye cream commercials! I was also insanely stressed and sleep deprived at the time (not to mention just plain insane) and suddenly I was having major puffiness under my eyes, and dark circles. Things I had never noticed or dealt with before. It was all very distressing.

So when I opened my lovely package that fateful day in December,  everything looked super exciting but I was most thrilled about the DNA Serum eye gel and I was resolved to use it diligently. The serum contains  Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. which according to the website is considered by experts to be the best needle free alternative to cosmetic injections and claims up to 30% reduction in wrinkle depth in 30 days.

All the impressive science stuff aside, I’m a sucker for cool packaging and who can argue with something that says  it contains“ temple viper venom” on the package. Am I right?  It comes in this space agey syringe looking thing (except there’s no needle which is big bonus).  The gel is awesome, cool and light, not at all sticky or heavy. You just pat it around your eyes after cleansing twice a day and you’re done. No big deal. Gah! I should have been doing this the whole time!  This is not hard, Kirsty!

Anyway, whatevs… bygones. What counts is I am now a responsible skin caretaker and happily, I have already been rewarded with noticeable results. In fact I was so delighted with the almost immediate effects on the skin around my eyes,  that I started patting some of the excess (a tiny bit goes a long way) on my finger into the deeper lines on my forehead, and what do you know, they really and truly appear to be relaxing and smoothing out! I also noticed a definite tightening and depuffing around my eyes almost immediately. (I had been using one of those rollerball “pen” things with caffeine in them to get rid of the luggage under my eyes but it never seemed to make any difference).

Suffice to say, I am a total convert. As I said, a teeny tiny bit goes a very long way so I’m set for a long time but when this runs out, I will replacing it, stat.  The science behind the product is pretty fascinating and convincing and the proof is as they say, in the pudding, (or in the de-puffed, revitalized eyes).

I wasn’t asked to review the extra products I was sent from Bellapulse but everything I received from the line has been fantastic that I’m genuinely excited to share.  As I mentioned above, I’m always fretting about preventing or clearing up break-ups (ugh seriously, acne in your late 30’s? so not cute anymore. Enough!) and so I tend to ignore the products designed to keep you from looking like the crypt keeper before you are 45 because in the past they have ALWAYS made me break out . (Even in places I don’t ordinarily break out.)  But these products did just the opposite. They really helped to clear up an unusually bad break-out I was experiencing, and the tone and texture of my skin is much better too.

Aesthetically, the products are so pleasing. The rosehip cleanser which I use in the morning, smells most pretty and refreshing, and the exfoliating cleanser I use in the evenings is just gritty enough to feel “polished” without feeling like I’m tearing away at my face and scrubbing a few layers of skin off. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft rather than raw and tight.  The rotating/pulsing brush is also really gentle but super effective. I have tried a few different brands of these rotating/pulsating brushes and they all turned out to be disappointingly flimsy and feeble and broke easily. But this one has really impressed me. It’s very sturdy and totally comfortable to use. I love the easily detachable brushes (they are snap on and off), one for cleansing, one for exfoliating, one for moisturizing and one for massage. They all feel lovely on my skin, especially the heavenly soft sponge for applying the AHA moisturizer (although I learned when I was cleaning it recently that it will tear if you scrub at it. D’oh) .

The whole system is  just really easy and fun to use. For once, I actually look forward to the whole cleansing rigmorale at the end of the day. It’s just as simple as what I was doing before but it feels so luxurious and relaxing to spend a few moments massaging my lotion into my face rather than just slapping it haphazardly around and wiping the excess on a wash cloth.  I’m quite addicted to the whole system.

The AHA moisturizer itself is wonderful. It feels thick and rich going on and has kept my skin perfectly moisturized (despite the grip of the polar vortex: non-stop drying heat alternated with blasts of frigid wind..mmm yummy!) but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling the least bit oily or greasy. I use it on my neck and chest too which have always been hypersensitive to moisturizers and apt to break out whenever I put anything on them. But I have had no issues at all with these and the texture of that skin seems tighter and smoother.  When my brother was visiting from South Africa, his poor unaccustomed skin was suffering terribly and he used a little bit of the moisturizer after a shower. He was really impressed and specifically asked me what it was.. so apparently it’s great for dudes too.

Thanks to the generosity of SkinPro, I’m giving away a full size of the magical DNA Serum to a lucky reader who wants to freshen up their face this year. All you have to do is comment below THIS post with your name and contact info,  and I will choose a lucky winner on Friday.

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I was not compensated for my review of the Skinpro/Bellapulse products, but I was gifted with the products I used, and the serum I will be giving away.  As always, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine and my own.
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Congratulations Claire! Email me with your mailing address! Your prize will be sent to you shortly. Thanks for playing and I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂 Thanks again to SkinPro.

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