This morning, around 5am after a fitful night, I was nursing Ella, juuuuuust finally drifting off to sleep when I heard what sounded  like a huge bomb going off outside my window, then a strange indefinable scraping, screeching sound. Then silence.
I panicked.  Aaron had just left our bedroom and I did not know if he was OK. I started calling his name. He responded with, “I’m checking, I’m CHECKING!!!”  I was greatly relieved to hear his irritable, yet healthy sounding voice.
I hurriedly unhooked Ella and leaped out of bed peering out of the window into the darkness to where our van was parked.
Our van was no longer parked there.
I ran downstairs exclaiming to Aaron, “our van is gone! our van is gone!” He agreed that it was in fact, gone. (I had been hoping he was going to tell me that he had parked it in the garage).
We rushed outside oblivious to the fact that we were both very scantily clad.
Yup.  Van definitely gone.  No sign of it. Surreal.
Peered down the road to see a neighbour standing on the sidewalk on his cell phone.
Kept looking at the spot where van used to be.
Van still gone.
Noticed bits of van lying in road where whole van used to reside.
Noticed skid marks.
Followed skid marks and van debris.
Discovered van 110 feet down the road, having crossed to the other side of the road and hopped the sidewalk, now neatly tucked up and back practically out of sight,between 2 neighbours houses. It was facing the road so apparently it’s incredible journey had taken place in reverse.  (The neighbour who was on his cell phone turned out to be calling the police about the van now adorning his front yard.)

Van looked bad. Quite bad.
Poor van.
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No sign at how van had arrived in its final resting place though.  Perpetrator had apparently fled.
Various police arrived on the scene impressively fast. They were kind and efficient. Ella was bemused by their lights and so much socializing so early in the morning. They found leaking fluid and followed the trail to find out who had relocated our van.
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It took them about an hour to track down the young man to where his car had given up the ghost. Apparently he had fallen asleep, hit our car which flew or was pushed to where it ended up, he had then freaked out and kept driving until his engine blew up. I feel sorry for him. He is now in quite a spot of bother.  If I thought my wake up call was harsh I can only imagine his.
It’s now noon and we have been on the phone since 5:30am with insurance people. We have yet to get anything resolved or even secure a rental car.  Ella’s new car-seat will need to be replaced because in an uncharacteristic move I left it in the car last night instead of bringing her inside with it. Awesome.
So we are essentially stranded. But we are all safe and for that I am extremely grateful.  It was miraculous really, how little damage was done. The car could have been rammed into any number of homes, trees, poles etc doing an untold amount or damage or injury but instead it was serendipitously and safely parked without harming anyone or anything else.  The driver was thankfully uninjured.
The downside of course is that we are now without a vehicle.  We don’t know if it will be totaled or repaired. Either option is kind of sucky. If it is repaired, it is unlikely to ever be quite the same as it was and it was SUCH a great car. Such a faithful workhorse. Never gave us a moment of worry or hassle. Although it was in great shape it was pretty old, so if it is totaled we won’t get a huge amount for it and will once again be saddled with a car payment just when we had finally rid ourselves of car payments. 
All that said, I will not be posting the book review/giveaway I spoke of yesterday, I will save that happy event for Monday so tune in then and stay safe this weekend!
Finally, THANK YOU to all those who responded here, on facebook and via pm/email re: yesterdays post on my struggle with depression. I am so touched by your kindness sympathy/empathy and support. For those of you who share my struggle, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Depression is hideous but there is help out there. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to email me: . Sometimes we just need to share with someone who understands.

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