One from the archives. Happy April Fools Day!
I am a compulsive
liarjoker. Some people (particularly men,) are somewhat unnerved by me because (amongst several other reasons I suspect,) they “never know when you’re serious.”
All this to say that my husband, after almost 14 years of marriage, is now wise to me and does not even do a double take when I flash a red Sharpie amended “positive” pregnancy test at him anymore. Bummer. However on one glorious Spring day a couple of years ago, when his guard was (foolishly) down, I had my moment.
At about 10am on April 1st, I called him at work and engaged him in some disarming chitchat.Then I lowered my tone into one of hushed urgency, “Aaron, this guy called and he said he needed to speak to you immediately. It sounded really serious, please call him right away and let me know, because I am stressing over what it could be!”
Aaron, being the obliging and obedient fellow he is, agreed to call promptly. I gave him the phone number of the local Zoo and told him to ask for “Mr. Lyon” (I even spelled it for him with the misleading “y” -ha! I have a criminal’s eye for detail, folks).
And this is how it went down:
He called the Zoo, and dutifully asked for Mr. Lyon. He was informed that no such individual was available. He pressed them, “are you sure? I am returning his call, he said it was very urgent”. A pause. Finally the resigned voice replied dead-pan, “Sir, this is the Zoo, it is April 1st, someone has fooled you”.

Here’s the best part, gentle reader:
My sweet, guileless, (momentarily) trusting husband then called me in great indignation to inform me that we had been tricked! It was only when my apoplectic laughter caused me to snort (in a genteel manner), that he finally….finally cottoned on.
“YOU!”, he gasped aghast with shock and outrage. He had been had, and it was by she to whom he was wed. His sweet and loving wife, the very one!
His workmates still call him Mr. Lyon. One guy went so far as to call in a growly voice, identifying himself as Mr. Tiger.
Here are some of my other April Fool’s Triumphs from years gone by.
PS: WINNER of the movie night giveaway (no fooling)  is Samantha! She said, ” I follow you here. This is such a cool prize… I like packages of related things like that.”Congratulations! Send me your mailing deets asap.

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