Day 26: For funny kids. I always dreamed of laughing with my future kids the way me and my sibs laughed with my mom, and that dream has come true. There’s no better feeling than laughing with your family. More about that in this post. (which includes some photos which will probably make you laugh too).
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Day 27: For Abundance. With a capital “A”. So much of my speech and thoughts come from a place of scarcity. “I don’t have enough space”, “I don’t have enough money” “I don’t have enough energy” “I don’t have enough time” “I don’t have enough sanity”, “I don’t have any family living on this continent”,  “I don’t have enough hair”.
This is a great pity because I really am blessed with extraordinary abundance and I would be so much more content if my focus lingered on that rather than constantly chronicling what I feel I lack.
I don’t have “enough” space because my warm and cozy  home is overflowing with beautiful, happy, healthy, kind children, warm clothes to wear, books to read, toys to play with, beautiful things to look at, comfortable furniture to rest on and more than enough food to eat.   Regarding my lack of “enough” money, my husband has a stable job in his field, a great education and a stellar work ethic. We are blessed with so many generous people in our lives.  A kind sister who bailed us out of an unforeseen and potentially devastating crisis this year without a hint of judgment, only compassion, who together with other generous family members helped to buy the exorbitant plane ticket on short notice so that Aaron could fly home to be at his beloved dad’s funeral. Friends who are constantly passing along useful items so we don’t have to buy them, who come up with creative ways to allow us to earn extra money or to barter for opportunities for our children to do extra-curricular activities. I have a handful of jobs, some of which are extremely fulfilling to me, which allow me to make some extra cash while still enjoying the incredible blessing of being a stay at home mom.
My deficits in sanity, energy and time are made up by  an amazingly willing, capable, kind and patient husband, by long-suffering and thoughtful friends who drive my children hither and yon, often without reciprocation, who offer childcare for Ella when they know I am stressed, even though they may be equally stressed, by family and friends both near and far who are always available with a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, an endless supply of love, counsel, comic relief, prayers, advice and encouragement.  I am blessed with good healthcare and insurance to preserve and protect my health, both physical and mental, and that of my family. I have access to resources, medication and education to help me when I am dealing with depression and anxiety.
I have an ever increasing myriad of ways to stay in contact with my far-flung loved ones, and angels who step in as family in their stead. 
And well…who needs good hair, right? I have product and hats are totally making a comeback.
I am indeed abundantly blessed in all things and for that today, I am truly, truly Thankful.

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