I came across this  post which I wrote on this day a year ago, and I decided it warranted a reprise. I feel as if I have made good progress on this in the last year, but it is still a constant battle to stay in the moment and let myself fully enjoy the good things.

Part of that is about my wiring but a lot of it can be changed or at least controlled by being mindful and deciding that I want better for myself. Rereading it tonight was a great way to refocus. I hope it helps you in some way too.

 Right now I am feeling so grateful to be lying in my cozy bed typing this by candlelight in my cozy little home filled with the people I love on this cold, cold night. My husband is not even snoring.   Who could anything more? I am simply happy. I hope you can find the happy in this moment too. Because this is your life, made up of “this moment”.  Find lots of things to love about it. They are all there just waiting to be seen and enjoyed.

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