I feel like I should say something profound about love and whatnot, but I am still reeling from how long it took me to change my template into it’s fancy new February outfit. Something that has in the past taken a matter of moments, something that SHOULD have taken a matter of moments. It’s not like I’m writing code here, we’re talking about copying and pasting from a website with the name “cute” in its title. Don’t you hate it when for no discernable reason, things that really have no business being troublesome or time consuming suddenly decide to be? I still don’t know what was not cooperating but for a while there, things were looking dicey people. You might have been stuck with lime green font and very little else. I’m not going to lie, I was scared….real scared.

I have realized that I don’t cope with frustration well. When I expect things will be tough, I’m better, I pace myself, and can be more patient, even stoic (year long labours for instance), but when things don’t have any business whatsoever being convoluted, I get absolutely apoplectic with rage at the silliness of it all. I want to commit violence. Fortunately it is my computer I desire to destroy. This type of rage always involves my computer. I don’t see myself getting past this any character flaw any time soon. It’s pretty deep seated. I guess that’s bad. Hmm. Do you think our lives may be better without computers? I ponder this pretty regularly.

Onto other related topics (violence), the bunny hates my husband. We aren’t sure why. It’s sad because he is really quite devoted to her, avidly reading up about all manner of bunny turn-ons and turn offs online and such, but she has some sort of vendetta ,and I frankly believe she would kill him if she had the power to. I have been avoiding confirming my husband’s dark suspicions regarding this fact, not wanting to hurt his feelings. I have been telling him that maybe she actually really, really DID like him and her lunging, growling (ever heard a bunny growl? It’s sort of eerie), biting, and penchant for chewing only his shoes, was some sort of elaborate mating ritual. But I think it is time we all faced reality. The bunny hates him. The bunny is the only entity on earth that hates my husband. It’s probably a good experience for him. Character building, as my dad would say. Still…something that can hate Aaron. ..it kind of makes you want to sleep with one eye open…

I have goals for February! Do you? Most of mine involve getting the Wii Fit to stop making passive aggressive comments at me. Oh!..I guess you won’t make your goal after all! What is up with the “Oh!” about everything? I find it disconcerting when something says “Oh!” in a sweetly alarmed tone when I stand on it.

Actually I have many goals, (you know how I get carried away at the beginning of a month). The first of which is to go to bed at a more wholesome time so I will spare you from hearing about the rest of them. As for you, I know you are feverishly working on something absolutely life/day-changing for February 6th. Right? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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