has proven to be the most perfect fit. I can’t imagine life without her. She is the sweetest, most “biddable” (as my mom would say), lovely girl. She has fit into our home seamlessly. . Here are some pictures of our snowy outing with her on Saturday.

Here she is, deep in concentration and concern over all the squirrels in the world who are going unchased at that moment.

Exquisite focus on that wall behind her, don’t you think? Attempting to capture a shot of her catching snow balls in her mouth. Endless entertainment for all.

Blowing Benj’s cover during a game of hide and seek

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Helping to dig out the fort

Admiring Gabe’s hat head

Queens of the snowpile

I have discovered that running through a pristine field of snow with a lively dog is about as good a workout and winter pick-me-up as you can get

Happy as a pig in mud is a dog in snow

As for her relationship with Thumper. It has been better then anticipated. Thumper did not turn her face to the wall and die at the very whiff of a dog as I suspected. In fact she has been extremely nonchalant and they have been (closely supervised, with Shemly on a leash) nose to nose on several occasions with much happy sniffing and tail wagging. However it has not all been lamb and lion lying down together without any ire.

There has been one incident.

Yesterday whilst on the phone to my mom I decided to wiggle out of the tights I had been wearing, I still had my heels on (they had straps) and the tights were around my ankles when the sound of frantic skittering of dog/bunny nails penetrated into my consciousness past the fascinating conversation I was enjoying. This was instantaneously followed by much shrieking of children as the bunny scampers into the room followed closely by the very excited dog in hot pursuit. The children at this point are nigh unto hysteria, screaming impotent cries of “SHEMLY NO! NO! ” while helpfully standing on the couch pointing at the scene. I am still on the phone, and essentially immobilized by my tights around my ankles which cannot be hastily kicked off due to the still-fastened heels. Hence my contribution is to shriek along with the children “SHEMLY NO! NO!” Shemly appears to be having the time of her life with her energetic new playmate.

Thumper, not so much.

I have no doubt that she has no interest in ingesting the bunny (because she had ample opportunity and did not take it) but all the same, the bunny is not the willing plaything that Shemly seemed to hope she would be. And judging from the gnawing action that she inflicts on her favourite tennis balls, the outcome was looking increasingly dicey as she appraoched Thumper with her “tennis ball face”.

Eventually Gracie, still attired in her fluffy white dress took matters into her own hands, grabbing the dog and immobilizing her while her brothers (Gabe and Finny-I will excuse Benj from this incompetence) continued to shriek helplessly. I was eventually able to extricate myself from heels and hose in time to issue Shemly the very stern “THE BUNNY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND OR YOUR TOY, SHE IS MY BABY” lecture. By this time the bunny had retired to safety behind the washing machine and had to be coaxed out with grapes and all manner of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Today is it as if nothing happened. As we pass through the kitchen to let Shemly into the backyard they give each other a cursory glance and nothing more. No references to the near play/death experience. Thumper is not the least bit skittish. Shemly feigns total ignorance of the entire incident.

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