I am a life coach uniquely positioned to understand the obstacles faced by trauma survivors when trying to establish new habits and achieve their goals . My simple, powerful and science backed 5 step One Inch Past Scary Method is specifically designed to override paralyzing habits and limiting belief systems.  I will work with you using practical , sustainable tools which can be customized for anything you want to achieve in your life.  Get to know yourself as a powerful agent of change in your own life and the world and get ready to author your own unlimited future story.

My Philosophy

I don’t believe that people are lazy or unmotivated. People who feel stuck simply lack the tools to extricate themselves from false fear-based narratives about their capabilities and the accompanying habits and behaviors which keep them from achieving their potential. I believe that people have a very accurate gut sense of what their purpose is and everything they need to achieve it. I help them to tune into that innate spark, free themselves from the barriers of limiting beliefs, and work intelligently and efficiently toward that fulfilling that purpose.

 The (OIPS)

One Inch Past Scary Method

1. Position Yourself For Success

Getting started is half the battle as they say but having the right resources and support can erase the overwhelm and make your path to success infinitely less rocky and more fun. I help address this most common source of productivity paralysis  by working with you to identify what you are trying to accomplish and why. Then I help you to eliminate the clutter, avoid reinventing the wheel, making things more complicated than they have to be and creating a streamlined set of tasks with a timeline.

2. Focus Forward

A history of trauma can leave people inclined to fixate on normal setbacks and resistance and identify them as failure and proof of inadequacy leaving them inclined to give up on themselves and their goals and creating a vicious cycle. I understand this cycle all too well but the exciting news is that the brain is very elastic and can be rewired to help you break that self defeating cycle. 

As your coach I will help you to recognize blips and obstacles as what they are, par for the course (or at worst an invitation to pivot to something that will end up serving you even better). 

3. Be Willing To Go One Inch Past Scary

I will teach you simple, powerful and scientific methods for hacking into your brain’s hard wired response to keep you in the safe “known zone”.

This desire to stay small, safe, and within the familiar is a primal instinct for all humans but it is particularly well honed for people with a history of trauma.

But it’s an instinct that we can override when it no longer serves us! While this is by definition not always comfortable I promise you that it will never be an overwhelming or traumatic experience. As your coach I will consistently challenge you to go just one manageable inch beyond your comfort zone at a time which will immediately boost your productivity, mood and confidence and help you to see yourself as the capable force that you are.

4. Commit

If starting something is half the battle sticking with it is the other half. This is is true for everyone but trauma survivors often need an extra dose of support and assistance in identifying the triggers and emotions which may make them inclined to abandon their path. I will help you to respond proactively to triggers before they derail the habits you have set up to accomplish your goals.

 5. Celebrate!

I believe accountability should be a mutual celebration. The progress principle is a powerful one. The joy is not some far off “success” but in making incremental and consistent progress toward improving and accomplishing things which most align with our values. And once we get a taste of that progress we become hungry for more and quickly become unstoppable! I am here to celebrate and bring attention to that progress lest it become lost or mired down in big picture or the long game. 

There’s a reason I’m called a life COACH. I will help you to formulate the winning game plan and bring the tough love as needed but I will also be a cheerleader you can count on!  I love nothing more than watching people unlock their lives! Your success is my success and I genuinely believe the world needs what only you have to offer.

Are you ready to move just one tiny inch past scary and discover the good stuff?

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