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Friends! I promised the “I’m not suicidal anymore” update quite some time ago. In fact I promised it by days end of that very day in September. And I dutifully and feverishly wrote it that very day in September. And then I presented it to my husband with a flourish, and he got that expression he gets when he desperately wants to be supportive but he has reservations. His expression and his carefully weighed words basically said to me, “honey you may feel better but you are coming across as pretty whack right now and your tome is confusing as hell”.

So I decided to sleep on it…for like a month. I reread it today and I still think there’s some good stuff but it’s just so jolly LONG. I need to edit. Edit I must. But that takes time and I’m chronically short of that stuff!

However! HOWEVER. Here’s something! This Thursday I will be talking about it online for anyone who wants to listen. One of my oldest and dearest friends, the famous and esteemed Heather Madder has invited me to chat a bit about my story, about how I got from there to here. (Here is really good. I’m liking here.  Life is definitely worth living at this juncture.)  Heather reached out to me in a big way during the very depths of my darkness. She understood it from first hand experience and shared such wise and tender advice. She helped me more than she will ever know.

When I was emerging from the darkness I commented on how much I had learned from this experience to which she responded:

“You learn a lot about life from the dark underbelly of it, pain is the price but it’s high-quality learning.”

Aint that the truth baby, ‘aint that the truth.

Anyway this Thursday at 2pm EST we will be chatting about my journey and the vast arsenal of tools I have been using to get through it.  I want to chat a bit about my experience with how trauma was affecting my day to day life for decades (without me having a clue), those insidious emotional triggers which mess everything up until you figure out what they are, and how I’m learning to leave the past behind and live my happy life now. (Hooray!)

As well as being one of the wisest and kindest and bravest survivors ever, Heather is the queen of essential oils, (like she’s a bona fide oil celeb) and since using essential oils has been a large (and psychiatrist encouraged) part of my recovery, she is going to be throwing in some freebies to listeners. She’s incredibly generous and genuine this friend of mine, so if listening to my dulcet tones (with more South African accent than usual thanks to my sister’s recent visit) and Heather’s infectious laugh (it’s like aural prozac) isn’t enough of an incentive, I invite you to join us for the freebies, she’ll even tailor them for your particular issues.  

Please note though: This chat won’t be an informational session re: essential oils but if you are interested in them she can give you all the info and help you with all you could possibly need afterwards.

Click on the link below to register to join us. I have a feeling it’s going to be fairly hilarious despite the heavy subject matter.

* The title of this post alludes to a song I heard this Spring which is very meaningful to me.

** The pictures refer to the song and were taken in Cape Town, South Africa, my all time happy place and they feature some of my all time fav people swimming to the other side, and helping each other along the way.  I was just looking through my files for a pretty uplifting pic and came upon these almost immediately. Could it be more perfect?! I think not.

***Now I’ve ruined it by being all obvious about it and explaining stuff. I just can’t help myself.

See (hear?) you soon I hope! Kisses..

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