Helloooo my friends!

Ok so  has to be so, so super quick. I have promised myself more sleep and I keep breaking my promise. Last week I averaged 3 hours a night. Optimistically. I was going to bed at 2:30am and waking up at 5:00. It was madness. Madness I say!

If I were me, I would totally break up with myself. Case in point: I promised myself a 9:30pm bedtime tonight and it is now 10:30ish. I did have an unplanned nap with Ella today, see..this is how I justify my cheating ways.

As is probably apparent, I survived the first week of graduate studentdom. It was not hard so much as hectic. The learning curve was fiddly and irritating. And I just have so.many.balls.in.the.air. It’s the keeping track of all of them that all but does me in.  The fragmented focus is hard on my ADD self. (Ironically it is probably my ADD self that created this nutty lifestyle for myself) And my OCD self is just not cool with letting any of the balls fall. Even though they are bound to now and again. I’m going to have to figure out a concession between the two. I did not realize quite how crazy the number of irons I have in the fire was until I was posting a bio of sorts for one of my classes. It got embarrassing. I am truly a jack of all trades, a master of none- striving now for a Masters degree. So hopefully I will at some point be at least a Master of one. No?

Regardless, I want to at less strive keep balance. My blog is a grounding influence on me. I feel the need to keep up with it to have some sense of normalcy and control. (Throwing the OCD side a bone.)  And in keeping with that desire,here’s a sort of nothing post.

But not really. It does contain a teaser. Tomorrow I’m going to post (with pictures even! I took them today! For the express purpose of just this post!) the transformation this last week (in all my spare time), of my hideous, horrible, rage inducing,contention causing coat closet, into the cutest little cubby in which I can hide and study.  It makes me disproportionately happy. I am so excited, I just can’t hide it. I’m not even going to try.

As is my flaky way I posted many a moon ago, that I was going to post the next installment of my “taking control” of my life report. (Here’s the first installment, about taking control of my body). I promised account of how I took back control of my attitude and love for my house.

Well as sometimes is my way, I never got around to it but, hey man, that’s ok. I have way more to add to it now. I spent the summer falling in love with my little house again. Becoming rather addicted to getting creative with our little spaces and not letting it stop us from doing whatever the heck we wanted to with it.

I feel quite empowered. I can do whatever I like! (Who knew?!) If we want to throw a big party, that’s what we will do. And if we want to study quietly hunkered inside a cute little closet, we’ll do that too. One does not need palatial spaces to entertain, or to relax in, or to live, or work, or sleep or ready oneself. One needs just what one has and the attitude that it is more than enough. Because it is, you know. Don’t let anyone try to make you believe otherwise.

Soo tune in tomorrow to see my little nook. It’s adorbs, I think. Which is good because I will be spending an inordinate amount of time inside of it.  It took virtually no money to create, and the process was fun from beginning to end.  I cannot wait to share it with you. I love it so!

See you tomorrow!

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