for once, I did not put off finishing an article to the 11th hour. I proudly told my husband several nights ago, that I had already finished my article for the Molly’s today. He was appropriately stunned.

This morning I was informed via email by my editor over there, that my article had disappeared. Oh no, surely not. I had just checked it last night, before bed. I had caressed it, comma’ed it and lovingly tucked it in, all ready for its 6am debut today.

But when I went to check-horrors-it was true! Gone gone gone, eaten by cyberspace, leaving nothing but the title, not even a noun-y tooth or verb-y bone remained. Gone, I say.

On reflection, it was too clean, it could not have been a monster. It had to have been the cyber-black hole

Many many carefully crafted paragraphs, and perfectly picked pictures…..>

So I spent the next hour, frantically recreating what I could remember of it, with Dora blaring in one ear and the bunny having a field day with the freedom she had to chew through any electrical cord of her choosing. (She stops just short of chewing right through the copper but one of these days there is going to be barbecued bunny, mark my words. You can only live on the edge for so long.)

Anyway all this to say, that if you are looking for my Run and Not Be Weary post this week, you will find that it is not there. But have no fear (because I just know you were fearing), last I looked it was in the box waiting to be posted. Not sure when that will be now-the whole world has gone mad! But Don’t. Panic (because I just know you were panicking).

And the lesson learned from this particular experience is?….
PROCRASTINATION PAYS, PEOPLE. (The black hole would not have found it if I had finished it just before posting time, of this I am bitterly sure).

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