You guys.  I totes haven’t forgotten you. I’ve got the lurgy I have* (*to be spoken in a frail and plaintive cockney accent)  and I’ve been out for the count. Haaaate it. Hate! It’s been a total waste because I have been in such a motivated and productive mood of late,  rather than my usual state of inertia and laziness and so I keep hauling out of bed with a head and heart full of gleeful organizational intentions, only to be forced to take to my bed mere minutes later, like a delicate Victorian flower wearing a corset that is too tight, rather than a hardy South African Ohioan transplant in a pair of too big pajama pants.  So somewhat trying yet a great reminder of how good I generally have it.  I am so grateful for my overall health. So very very grateful.

Also this is impeccably timed.  I have fallen ill right in time for Sayer Sick Week. Much like Shark Week. Sayer Sick Week is an epic, thrilling, and sometimes gory event which falls over the first week of February every year and is a much cherished and embraced family tradition.

Not to be outdone by the kids who tend to wake me up on my birthday morning by puking in my bed,  I am proud to say that I believe I have contracted the F-word (as in flu). Sounds dire,  but fortunately due to my new-found freakish organization, I came upon my essential oils and made up a bunch of “flu bombs” just as I started feeling the Flu-ish Feelings and really and truly those things are the bomb!  I’m really so very much less badly off than I deserve to be. (I’ve also been rubbing them onto the soles of Ella’s feet since she showed signs of following me down that shady sicky path and what do you know…she stopped that nonsense, right in it’s tracks.  I am quite mesmerized. Who knew?) ANYWAY…where was I? Holy mother of a tangential ADD chicken…

Oh my birthday.  So remember how I used to get all maudlin about it because it was All About Me and never lived up to my hazy undefined expectations and all that focusing on myself means I’d get even more self-absorbed and bratty than I usually am (which is..yikes, really really self-absorbed and bratty)  and the general effect was worldwide misery. And by world-wide, I mean misery for anyone unlucky enough to live with me, not least of all, myself.

And remember how a few years ago I decided that from now on I was going to make my bday about me thinking about other people instead, and doing nice things for them. And remember how since I hate to do stuff alone, I got you guys involved in the whole thing and you were total rockstars about it and ever since then my bday has been tons of fun and happy and delightful?  You don’t remember that? Never mind, that’s ok. 

So it’s come around again, as these things do and I’ve been lying in bed all day thinking, “nooooo I caaaaaan’t do that tomorrow for alas I am tooooo sick, I will have to let it go this year and just be selfish and miserable”. But then it occurred to me that a) I might feel much better tomorrow b) if I’m not I can still do lots of nice things from my bed. Hello, internet!  So I’m doing it, I am* (*to be spoken in a determined and confident cockney accent).

I’m 38 tomorrow. I like 8 it’s a nice number, actually it’s my lucky number so I’m down with it. It’s going to be a good year. Hence, I would like to perform at least 38 acts of kindness or positivity or service or sparkly glittery unicorn fairy dust or whatever you want to call it.

I want to consciously do 38 things to make the world a tiny bit better tomorrow.  I’m going to do my darndest to get them all done myself but as always I would love to invite you guys to join, because.. the more the merrier, right? And last guys BLEW ME AWAY.  You did SO MANY nice, inspiring, lovely,lovely things and by the end of the day I was crying happy tears.  It was probably the happiest bday of my life.

Being kind is its own reward of course, but as a little added incentive for your enthusiasm and participation, I will once again send a package of a few of my favourite things (especially tailored toward the winner) to a randomly selected participant. And trust me, I’m really quite good at making up little gift packages tailored toward the winner. You’ll like it. Now. All you have to do is post under this blog post tomorrow (or on facebook or instagram or heaven forbid, twitter) telling me what you did and you’ll be entered in the drawing. Do one thing or 40 things. I won’t stop you. It will be fun.  And maybe funny and it will make your day sunny. Truly. (Totally put in “funny” so that I could put “sunny” what with the deep freeze most of us are living in here).

Speaking of random drawings. Totes haven’t forgot about this one. I will announce the winner later this evening. I’m really really sorry about the delay.  Along with the lurgy it’s been a true challenge to get computer time (yep still sans computer)…silver lining to my inefficiency? This gives you one last shot to go ahead and enter. Hurry! Go!

See you tomorrow! I’m so excited!

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