outside in the sunshine!
Running outside in the sunshine!
Gardening outside in the sunshine!
Sitting watching soccer outside in the sunshine!
Lying on the deck talking on the phone in the sunshine!
Acquiring a sunburn confined only to my hands from the sunshine!
( It is true, I was caught unawares, sans sunscreen. And now I am red-handed. Ha…ha…hmm. And there is no denying that my little red gloves look extremely weird. Hey those of you who went on Std. 8 Veldschool with me-remember my legendary sock-tan?? But weirder).

If we are going to get all technical about it, I suppose some of the above happenings are not entirely unprecedented but many are unprecedented this year.

And actually I have not ridden a bike in ever so long, so it should count as unprecedented (if you don’t count the bikes at the gym that go nowhere-and I’m sure you don’t). Aaron and I got us some sweet rides off Craigslist and were able to join the kids on wheels rather then lamely trotting behind them whilst shouting unheard into the wind to KEEP RIGHT KEEP RIGHT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU DO NOT KEEP TO THE RIGHT SO HELP ME I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF IF YOU KEEP DRIFTING INTO THE MIDDLE…..

This way was more fun. Speaking of fun, yesterday on my bike’s maiden voyage, I got to thinking that biking the trail on which I generally run seemed somehow…easier, and perhaps even..dare I say…more enjoyable. But nah….maybe I was just being silly and imagining things…

But then I ran that same trail today and my suspicions are slowly being confirmed. Oh dear. Sadly you just don’t burn the same number of calories on wheels. Not that I run to burn calories, of course not, it is all just about the love of the sport for me…..erhem

In other unprecedented occurrences-we took the crazy bunny out for a walk in the backyard today. Putting the harness on her required Houdini like sleight of hand and cat like reflexes. Not to put too fine a point on it-Thumper is freaking neurotic. To be fair I suppose they are sort of built that way-always with the expectation of imminent death). Anyway…she looked completely adorable in her pink harness and leash, sniffing flowers and grass and we were all swept away in the lovely picturesque moment when the neighbour (the one with eleventeen cats-and if you think I am exaggerating..well I’m not) informed us dryly over the fence that she’d most probably get fleas from this little jaunt. Just like that time she took her ferrett out for just two minutes….

Bubble burst.

After a short sojourn with nature, the Bunny hunkered down and started shaking uncontrollably. We were not sure if she was trembling with fear, or shaking with fatigue, or panting from heatstroke or just sniffing really vigorously. Aaron’s theory is that she is just really out of shape and sniffing all those different plants was too much too soon. So we swept her inside again and have commenced the obsessive checking for fleas. Do you see why we will probably not be owning a dog any time soon?

This happy sunny day brought to you by Mother Nature who has not been taking her meds regularly and will be serving up something a little more like we are used to (about 25 degrees colder and wetter tomorrow). Hooray Ohio!

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