‘Tis the season when all those spelling lists keep coming home. And if we want to keep the family legacy of good spelling going
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it means I am occasionally going to have to help my second grader out with that.  The problem is that he keeps leaving the list at school, or we put it on the fridge and more often than not, it gets forgotten there.
Maybe everyone does this, but since I had not thought of it before, I thought it was a genius little solution. I just take a photo of the list with my phone, and then whenever we are out and have some down time, I can just whip it out and practice a few words.  This also cuts down on stress when it comes to locating the list at the critical moment.
Come to think of it, this would take care of mounds of paperwork that you feel you need to hang on to and need to refer to often. Soccer schedules, birthday party invitations, packing lists for camp. Wow. Serious breakthrough for me here, my friends.
I’m now preparing myself for everyone saying, “well DUH! I’ve been doing this for years”.
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