you for your prayers. The Bunny. Yet lives.

Although nursing her back to health has been an ordeal of note.

Picture this if you will: Twice a day at noon and midnight as I..

  • Don protective gear
  • Take one pill
  • Crush between two spoons
  • Put powder in tiny cup
  • Add small amount of baby food
  • Thin with small amount of warm water
  • Grab feeding syringe.
  • Locate bunny
  • Chase bunny round the table
  • Chase bunny around the table in the other direction
  • Repeat x8
  • Finally corner not so brilliant bunny when she hides between her cage and the wall.
  • Cradle like a baby
  • Coo at baby
  • Shriek as bunny twists out of grip and makes a break for it.

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  • Repeat “Locate Bunny” sequence
  • Repeat “Wrap Bunny in a towel” sequence
  • Repeat: “Locate Bunny sequence”

Loudly lecture bunny in threatening tones and as you burrito her in the towel once more, this time tuck her front legs in too. Tell bunny of the dangers of struggling (she could break her spine-ACK) and the dangers of resisting antibiotic treatment (she could die of The Germs) and the dangers of scratching mommy (there is no telling what could happen)

  • All that remains in view is furry bunny face which appears to be chastened into compliance.
  • Locate Bunny’s Mouth in the mass of fur
  • Coax bunny’s clamped lips (YES bunnies have lips,) open wide enough for syringe find space beside front bunny teeth to place syringe.

  • Watch as ark of khaki coloured babyfood/medication flies through air and liberally splatters your pants.
  • Repeat: Bunny Location and Bunny Wrap Sequences
  • Repeat: Loud lecture of bunny kicked up a notch or two
  • Repeat : Location of mouth and syringe insertion sequences
  • Watch as bunny stubbornly refuses to swallow and medication begins trickling out her hare lip. Tip bunny’s head back slightly, and feel guilt at her displeasure when a drop or two enters her nose.
  • Feel like crying because you just water-boarded your defenseless pet.
  • Loudly lecture/comfort bunny
  • Watch as bunny appreciatively gulps the yummy concoction down.
  • Wonder if bunny stew tastes good.
  • Lulled into sense of complacency by bunnies docile demeanour and enjoyment of her snack, prepare to give her the last dregs of the cup.
  • Watch as ark of medication and baby food splatters onto other pant leg.
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  • Admit Defeat

Tonight is her last dose. I think we will film it. Either we will win 10,000 from America’s funniest Home Videos or have PETA protesting on our doorstep.

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